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Zhejiang guanlimei Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of heavy-duty connectors. Its products are widely used in many fields, such as equipment manufacturing, industrial automation, rail transit, hot runner mold and other equipment requiring electrical and signal connection. With the support of personalized customization, high-quality products, fast delivery, advanced equipment, the company has been recognized by customers. At present, the products have CE certification, Rosh certification and other certificates for export to the European Union. The quality assurance is reliable. The company respects the enterprise spirit of "steadfast, hard-working and responsible", creates the business philosophy with integrity and win-win results, takes excellent quality, brand-new management mode, perfect technology and thoughtful service as the survival basis, and insists on using its own service to impress customers.


Rediscover the significance and importance of overloaded connectors 2019-11-25 In the rapid development of information and electronic industry, connector plays an increasingly important role because it can simplify the assembly process of production equipment, improve the flexibility of design and production, and improve the degree of the whole system. Whether it is "made in China 2025", "industry 4.0", or we often mention "intelligent manufacturing" and "industrial Internet of things", what we hope to achieve is the connection of devices to devices, devices to people, and